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Finally finished the heart clasp for Anna’s ending dress!


Imagine Eli tries to hit DreW OOHHH THAT’D BE EXCITING 

i want drammmmaaaaa 

Eli did hit Dallas. huehue

 that feeling when you forget about your cold drink/shake/starbucks whatever the hell you love to drink, and then drink it for the sake of not wasting it.


Seven personal observations I spotted or realised while watching “Prince of Egypt” for Passover, complete with screencaps. A perfect movie to watch while it rains donkeys and mules outside on a public holiday (it’s late afternoon on Good Friday as I write this post).


1. This is the second and only other time we see a character depicted, even just for a second, with actual irises. The first character was Yocheved in “Deliver Us”. This is the one and only time Moses is depicted with irises, right at the end of “The Plagues”.


2. See the dark line under the left eye (on our right) of Rameses’ statue? I’d noticed it today and it may be just me, but doesn’t it look a little like a tear track? Very subtle symbolism right there of how Rameses is probably feeling at that moment too. Of course we’re all focussed on Moses at this point, but when you’ve watched a movie many times, you start becoming more interested in the background. Below is a cropped version of this screencap with a close up of Rameses’ statue, with an added observation underneath as well.


3. Keep watching the statue’s eyes as the shot pulls out to show Moses. The trails of the burning ice make the eyehole appear to, well, have an eye that moves. As if the plagues weren’t scary enough on their own.


4. Moses will probably never have closure on whether the man he called brother had survived or not, even though he looks across the sea’s breadth in a deep desire to know whether Rameses is alive or not, despite having tried to kill all the Hebrews. Moses is too far away to ever have heard Rameses screaming his name from a rock. If you’ve read the Exodus, you’ll know that Moses has got at least forty years of life ahead of him not knowing if Rameses lived or whether he would ever forgive Moses. Forty years without closure. There goeth my heart.


5. No one, not even Moses, would have heard or seen Rameses shouting Moses’ name to the heavens in a mix of agony, anger, and loss. No one, not even Rameses, would have heard the shepherd’s whispered “goodbye, brother”.

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haha… I just had to do this. 

Anyways, as for my opinion, in the beginning of season 13, I was really hoping for Maya to catch up with Zig as friends. NOT to just get together of course, because ‘time’ right? But when the staff of degrassi decided to put Miles Hollingsworth into the picture, woah. Maybe I was being a bit more biased having Matlingsworth feels cause I’m a sucker for love hate relationships, like the beginning of Maya and Miles’ relationship, and hey, Eric Osborne is very handsome.

But point is, I’m not one to do shipping hate or wars whatever I just don’t. I knew at one point though that degrassi was going to give Zig Novak a comeback, and the Zaya feels would return inevitably. 

I love Zaya NOT just if they were a couple, but because they started out as friends, best friends, and then something much more. They shared understanding moments, and looked out for each other. Yes Zig, you’re a douche for cheating on Tori, but let’s not remember the past, because if degrassi doesn’t fuck up every one of my otps ( Dolly J, Eclare ), Zig Novak would treat Maya right if they got together.

As for Matlingsworth, I know Miles is a nice person, but degrassi likes showing him in a bad paranoid overly prideful light. (Kinda sucks they didn’t have him live up to that ‘bad boy billionaire’ title for long because of… Maya?)

And please degrassi, continuation of Zig’s transformative character development?

zaya in ‘sparks will fly part one’

You must choose your own path.

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”If I never knew you, if I never felt this love, I would have no inkling of
how precious life can be.”


Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?


all season I’m been hearing how can you ship zaya

zig is a psycho

zig is abusive

zig horrible 

blah blah blah

miles ur prince just pulled a gun at someone, he officially took it to the next level , DONE.

thank you m’dear

After watching the latest episode I finally had the initiative to do this. 30 minutes tops.. or 20. My zaya heart. IT HURTS. It’s really funny cause every time my older cousin and I watch she would say ‘Get back with Miles. I like Miles!! Hes so handsome.!!’ and I’d just be: BUT ZIGMAN. She hasn’t watched the previous seasons so she knows nothing about Ziggy





Maya is a thirsty gal.