Friends, through thick or thin, till the end.

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Character Meme » Chris Miles
  ✘ [1/6] Quotes: Fuck it.

skins meme » favorite friendship ■ cassie and chris
Chris: Girls who won’t make my tea, do not ever get to see my cock, again. And that is what you call social deprivation. Cassie: You cheeky, sexist fucker! Chris:
I am! I am a sexy fucker.

skins meme » funniest character ■ chris miles
❝Fuck it, I’m inadequate. What can you do?


Character Meme » Chris Miles
  ✘ [2/2] BrOTP: Chris & the boys


skins tv tropes & idioms ■ enforced method acting: an acting technique in which actors give a life-like, realistic performance because no one warned them what was going to happen.


Skins Meme →7 Outfits.

(4\7) James Cook,

Jack O’Connell shirtless » requested by many

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I just found out it’s Jack’s birthday tomorrow (aug 1) and my birthday’s just 6 days away after his like woah both Leo finally an actor who’s birthdate is close to mine and it’s Jack!

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